Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hey Jammers! Today, Jamaa has been updated with a new newspaper, items, and  
a new journey book!!
And, I was correct! Penguins are now NON MEMBER!! 

I think the penguins on the cover look so cute!! :D
Also, look at the post below this one for today's Penguin Party details. 

On the 2nd page, there's an advertisement for humming birds, and a RIDDLE. 
Here's the riddle: "I live in many areas around the world. My colors range from black to red to grey to white. I am known for being sly and clever. And I am soon coming to Jamaa!" Cool!! A new animal! I have an idea of what they might be... Foxes! I have a feeling foxes will soon be the newest animals in Jamaa.

The new pet that was chosen is to be revealed in a few weeks, according to the Jamaa Journal. Also, there is a new journey book page for crystal sands!! The prize is a cool lemonade stand. :D

There's a sale in the Sol Arcade shop, so get your games while they're cheap! 
There are also new items to be added to the Summer Carnival.

Today's featured rare items are Top Hats and Fox Hats.

There are also some new items!

A golden pirate sword is in Epic Wonders! For those who don't know, there was an EXTREMELY rare non member sword called the Pirate Sword. No one knows which people have the few remaining Pirate Swords in Jamaa.

There's also a new Star Couch in Jam Mart clothing. I don't have much to say about that.


  1. wow TONS of new stuff today! i can't wait for the foxes to come out! hopefully they are nonmember....


  2. I have no member sword.. I traded slingshot for it...


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