Monday, July 2, 2012

Rare item monday & Zios chaos

Hey Jammers! 
Today's rare item in stores is...

Freedom bands! :D These are one of my favorite freedom items. :)

As you can see, they are non member and kind of expensive. 
So be sure to save up your gems!

Yesterday, there was a notice that popped up on a lot of people's screens.
I didn't get a picture, but it said "Do you know what happens when you sleep by the ruins in The Lost Temple of Zios?"
So, I went to Zios and slept, because I thought that it could've been a hint about seeing a shaman. 
Well, I slept. Everyone was saying "SLEEP FOR FREE GLOVE NOW!!!"
It was quite chaotic.These people were insulting each other, threatening to report Jammers for not sleeping, and they were only sleeping because of the thought that they'll get rares. My computer crashed and at first I was sad that I 
got to miss a possible shaman, but I realized with that much chaos in Zios, 
The shaman would never come out. 


  1. Doomy, do you think EVERYONE in Zios has to sleep to get a prize (or see a shaman)? cuz thats what i think. and i think some people would just not sleep on purpose. i kept encouraging people and saying "Guys, AJHQ probably sent out that message because we could win something! So please sleep!" and i also said "We could be the first in AJ history to ever raise the phantoms!" but there were about 2 or 3 people still standing. why is it so hard to get people to sleep?


    1. I think you're supposed to sleep a while, but the message could've had nothing to do with shamans. It was probably aimed towards new Jammers who don't know what happens when you do sleep there. and I don't think you'd actually get a prize if you slept. I was just testing it out because I wanted to see what would happen. Nothing really happened except fighting. -.-


  2. Yeah My brother was in the middle of all of that.
    I told him to get out but he just kept encourging people.

    P.S.New jammers will be convinced that you can do stuff like that now

  3. Is the shaman a giant cat looking creature? I had people sleeping in zios and in the middle of the hole there were phantoms comin out along with some pimple steam, but then a cat like creature appeared with pilot goggles on, it was bigger than our characters, and it just stayed there for a moment then went down back in the hole, I'm not sure what it coulve been. Any suggestions?

  4. That's what I thought when this happened, Creepy for sure.


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