Monday, July 30, 2012

Rare purple-ish pirate bandana

Hey guys, I'm back! There was a really bad storm and a black-out at my grandmother's this weekend (which is where I went.) We managed to get the kitties inside, but one was stuck outside and got wet :(. Luckily, he was hiding under a car and he's ok now.
Anyways, there's a new sorta rare item in stores 'cause it's monday. 
It's basically the same as the regular pirate bandana, but with a violet tinge.
But, hey, it's non member!

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  1. About France:

    Yes! Last time I talked to you, I was in Germany, and now I am in France.
    France is very different, but cool.

    About chatting on AJ:

    I'll figure that out when I get home.

    Crunchy Berryfriend


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