Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vanity thing and Jam-a-Gram typo

My plushie blog is up and running! You can get to it by clicking the thingy that says "My Plushie Blog!" Or click here. I'm planning to update it every 2 days. 

Anyways, there's a new item in Epic Wonders that seemingly has nothing to do with anything.
Very girly and pink. Not really my cup of tea.

A couple days ago, I discovered a typo on one of the Jam a Grams.

The first one to guess correct where the typo is gets a FREE fake cookie!! ;D


  1. It says Jamma Township and not Jamaa Township

    First comment C:

    1. Here's a FREE fake cookie! Dramione1234 got it first (jam-a-grammed me)
      But here's a cookie anywayz! :3

    2. YAY! Free cookie....Even though, i was the first to get it on the blog.So i am a winner too! XD

  2. Jamma

  3. jamaa is not spelled with 2 m's and 1 a :I its pretty much obvious.


  4. really late comment....... the i in city, it looks like an upside down v with a dot above it XD (no need to publish this)


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