Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainbow scales

Today, we have one new item in Bahari Bargains!
Pretty neat, huh? Here's how it looks on some animals:

The scales on the dolphin look really cool in my opinion. =]
On my penguin, the scales look sort of alien-like in a way..
These look pretty cool on turtles! Except the color I chose doesn't match well with mine, and it gets glitchy in your animal picture.
On octopi, (or octopodes) they look both futuristic and mystical in a way! :D 

I have an idea that could save jammers a lot of gems. My idea is that people will be able to see a preview of what an item looks like on their animal before buying. I think I'll type that into the (?) button in Jam Mart Clothing. 

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