Friday, August 3, 2012

The party is over! :)

Furryfruit73's party is now over! It was awesome!
We danced, hopped, and played for over an hour. :)

And there was a cakey too, that someone generously gave to Fruity. :3
After all that dancing, we were pretty tired. But some weren't! >:D
As you can see, my costume for my panda was a leprechaun costume. 
No offense to any leprechauns out there for making you look bad... 
After that, we all relaxed in Fruity's chocolate hot tub and became 
Thanks to everyone who came! And to those who didn't make it, don't worry! There will be more parties in the future :). 

Also, Furryfruit73 will really appreciate it if you viewed and maybe even followed her blog, AJ Flicker. It will be one of the best presents you could give her. <3


  1. It's morning, and I am too lazy to log in, so I will comment anonymously.
    Thanks, Doomy, for featuring my party and blog! :3 You're awesome!
    P.S. -Holds up lucky charms- I still got some... >:3

    1. Sorry i couldn't make it furry!D: We went out for pizza but i was planning to go to your party. :( I'll make it up to you somehow!


  2. YAY me the tiger you has the bug eyes

  3. I'M SOOO SORRY! I didn't make it!


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