Friday, August 3, 2012

Wavy book shelf

Today is Furryfruit73's b-day party! Here are the details again:

What?: A costume party. :)
Where?: furryfruit73's den.
When?: It's starting at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard time, today.
What to wear?: Some sort of a costume. c:
B-day gifts?: Gifts are not required. 

There's a new Wavy Bookshelf in Jam Mart Clothing. c:

I think it's pretty cool! It's also non member :). Though I sort of like the triangle shaped one a little more. 

Yesterday I got two turtles! :D
Meet Riverwings and Earthturtle. <3
Left is River, right is Earth. 

Also, yesterday I've forgotten to make a new Berry The Koala post. I'm really sorry...
And I added a thingy under the Berry The Koala link on AJ Stream. It says when I last updated Berry. ^^


  1. Doomypanda will you please give me credsit for this?
    There is a new pattern for the foxes!!!!!

  2. Hey tHis is Feiryclaw77 here doomy can you ckeck your gmail i sent you a pic

  3. Thank you! Your blog is very good as well. I enjoy reading Berry the koala hehe :D



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