Thursday, September 13, 2012

AJ Birthday Party

I'll bet 99.9% of you have either gone to the party already, or read about it on another blog. I will still post for that 0.1% that haven't seen it.

When you arrive, it's hard to tell what this ramp actually is for. But soon you realize that it's attached to a giant cake!

Click any of the candles for a yummy treat, such as a donut, ice cream, or cake. :) 
I had to click the candles seven times to get that donut... odd.

There are mountains and hills of delicious ice cream all around! Mmm! There's strawberry, blackberry, coffee... Yum! :D

These are items you can buy in the party's shoppe:

Shaman/alpha statues, except they're bronze! Some of the parts of these statues are green from weathering.

Up at the top of the cake, you can sit in a clump of frosting and gaze out at that glowing ice cream... and dream of eating it. P:

Happy birthday, Animal Jam!

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  1. can you trade me a bronze peck statue please im monsterhigh111


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