Saturday, September 29, 2012

Little acorn tea set

Hi Jammers! Before I get to the new item, I'd like to show you this:

I have finally achieved 50,000+ gems! I didn't use any type of hack, just playing games a lot, with the occasional gem code. Also, even though the Summer Carnival is over, this thing still shows how many tickets I have.
Will it stay that way until next year?

Anyway, there is a cute little new item and also a new Daily Explorer post.
It includes an acorn tea pot, a couple tea cups, and a bowl of cubed sugar. :)
Now you can have a squirrely tea party!

Onto the Daily Explorer post...
(Click to enlarge) 
At first after reading this, I thought it sounded silly. Now I realize it's very very true.
It's unlikely that a scammer would trade a gold brick for a necklace, though.
Have any of you received a trade thats too good to be true?

See you in Jamaa! 

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Somebody has traded me nm wings for my purple glove when purple gloves had just gone out of stock! I accepted, because at that time it was my ultimate dream item and an amazing good deal for me.


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