Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awesome Update!

Hey, Countess Spookypanda here! I'm here to fill you in on today's marvelous update! There's a whole slew of new items as well, on land and underwater.
I'll start off by posting the Jamaa Journal.

 I NEED to go find a vortex!!!

 Congratulations, Doctor Magicstone!

Ok... Let me get this straight, you can get Pirate Swords getting to the top in Sky High? Weren't Pirate Swords those Non Member swords from Beta Testing?? Hmm.... I'll play it today.

Jamaa is fully decorated for Night Of The phantoms, with candy and... Animal Facts are back!!!!

Here are the new items :)

Thats all I have time for. See you in Jamaa!

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