Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cape & Patch of Fog

Hallo Jammers! Sorry that this post is a little late, it was sunday and I wanted to sleep in.

Today we have a couple of new spook-ish items– Though... the cape isn't exactly spook-ish at all.

Picture credit to AJ Flicker. This cape is long and it billows in the water, the perfect costume for all of you octopods out there. :D

Picture credit to Animal Jam 777. I'm taking pictures from other AJ blogs because something is wrong with my computer and it wont let me play. :'(

This phantom game I do admit is fun, but frustrating. If you're in a predicament like the one in the picture above, you're doomed to lose.

Thats all for today. Hopefully you'll see me in Jamaa!


  1. I am starting the Dark Phantom Society in Jamaa.
    Lol, despite its name (I didn't want it to be a dead giveaway like Phantom Charity), it's a thing where I (or anyone) hides in their halloween costume and either screams, "BOO!" and gives the person a free halloween item or says, "I am the Dark Phantom! Happy Halloween!" and give an item. Also known as the Dark Phantom Giveaway.

    I will be in:
    Pillow room
    Jamaa clothing store
    And you find out the rest!
    Elephantwolf the Dark Phantom

  2. My first customer:

    "terrible prize"
    "thanks but why did you say gwa ha ha to me"
    "that man yelled at me"
    "thanks but i didn't like it"



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