Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make up a title, because I cant think of one.

Hey Jammers, I know I posted already today, but I have this urge to type right now. I want to talk about my first days of playing Animal Jam.
I know that lots of other people with AJ blogs talk about this, but I want to too.

I remember that I first made an account, a while after a friend of mine in real life had suggested the game to me. My original plan, was to quickly make an account, add her, then never log on again. Most online games I tried out weren't that fun, and I figured that Animal Jam would be no different.

So, I signed up, my first animal was my panda Countess Spookypanda, and I talked to Liza. Strangely, I cant remember the panda alpha/shaman talking to me about Mira. 
It was late February, 2012. It was very snowy in Jamaa, the friendship parties had just ended. I remember that I ended up in Coral Canyons, and I wandered around there a bit. Oddly, I didn't discover the bridge until after I became a member. 
I walked into Epic Wonders, where two wolves were discussing their clan. I remember one of the was named (Something) Alienclaws. Instead of being defensive over their territory like I see nowadays, they greeted me and explained their clan to me. I sat and listened, and added one of the wolves. 

Even though I wasn't a real fan of the Warriors series, I thought this clan thing on AJ was pretty cool. After I left, I quickly figured out on my own how to buy a wolf. I bought one, Wretched Spiritstar. I didn't go looking for a clan until much later, though. And in that clan I met one of my now good friends Candylady1436. Later, it just became sort of a hang-out clan, and I was never in one again afterwards.

Now, I'll talk about scamming and trading. I've never ever scammed, though I've seen some one on an AJ blog say that I did, but with no photographic evidence. 

I occasionally yelled out "Anything on list for non member bat wings!" with a bunch of mats on my trade list, then. I didn't care much for the rarity, I just wanted bat wings. I didn't know much about rare items, nor did I care much.

My dream item was Non member bat wings, but after I became member and got member wings, they stopped being a goal. They were just as cool as non member ones, I thought.

At a trading party, I remember saying "Please trade me I have rares!!" Then someone coming up to me and saying, "what rares?" I replied with "Rare worn, bat-wing glasses" They did the :laugh: emoticon and left. I don't come to trading parties anymore.

It was only much, much later when I saw the friend who introduced me to AJ, at a heatwave party and added her.



  1. You joined in February 2012?! Oh my gosh! That's so cool! I joined the day right after Valentine's Day! :O I thought you had joined in 2011! Well, looks like we have another thing in common :)

  2. Oh that's cool! I didn't have that fun beginning... And for that trading party, those jammers weren't nice. I think you shouldn't care about it. You don't need to not go to trading parties, only because those people just laughed to you. Be yourself. Well, now you know what's rare. And on that party, 60 % of jammers don't trade. They just come there to have fun. You should too! It's not all about trading and rares. It's about joy & friendship!


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