Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jamaaliday Update

 Bonjour, Jammers! Today is the biweekly update, filled with new features, items, and a video I think you all will enjoy. ^^

I've decided to skip posting pictures of every page of the Jamaa Journal, but I'll tell you the important info on those pages. 
First of all, the Jamaaliday Jam party is back, and so are reindeer pets! 
There are some new stickers, posters, and key chains in AJ Outfitters!
And new in Jammer Central, a video about the alphas. :)

This is a cool video, I think you should go watch it. 

Some news concerning buying animals, there is a new revamped system!

I prefer this much to the old way. What do you guys think?

Now, for the new items.

  Sold in Jam Mart Clothing

 Sold in Jam Mart Furniture
If you're wondering what the daily Jamaaliday gift is, it's 400 gems. 
Convenient, you can buy both items with it. :)
Before I wrap up this post, I have to tell you that it will be a while before Berry The Koala is updated again. The reason is, I'm busy with non AJ related things and I want to have enough time to just play Animal Jam without snapping screenshots all over the place.

See you in Jamaa. :)

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  1. Hi DoomyPanda. This is my first comment on your blog, and its great. I hope to meet you soon. You seem like a great friend.



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