Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ice Banner

Hi jammers! There is one new item today, as on most days. It is a rereleased furniture item.

These banners with a variety of colors and symbols on them are from last year. They are unfortunately only available for members, but otherwise they're pretty cool. 

Since there isn't much else to tell you about, here is another one of my drawings. It's a picture of Wheatley from my favorite game, Portal 2.

(Please don't steal this. Please.)
I drew it on saturday.
What do you think? Please comment. ^_^

See you in Jamaa! 


  1. It looks great, is it a space shuttle?

    1. He's a sphere shaped robot :D

    2. Wow that's so cool! :O

  2. Hey Doomy! Looong time no comment but I kind of quit AJ, so yeah but I'm glad you're still posting!!!
    Happy whatever day it is today!


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