Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Year

  It's been exactly an entire year that I've played Animal Jam. An entire year of logging on almost daily, I've never stuck with a game this long. Well, unless you count Club Penguin which I've had an account on since 2006, but there were long one year periods where I didn't even think about that game.

  Animal Jam is a great game which I love, but the impacts it took on my life hurt. After I got an account the only thing I wanted to do was play Animal Jam. It limited my non-online interactions and made me less inclined to go outside. I've luckily gotten over most of that, I find the internet incredibly boring now. I rarely log on.
   But I still do, because I just don't have many real life friends who care enough to contact me. I think I just annoy them. I end up logging back on to talk with my AJ friends instead, who as far as I know don't think I'm as constantly aggravating as my real-life friends do.

  And even though the name I use here may be DoomyPanda, that's not the account I mainly log on to. It was my first one, yes, but it's just gotten bland being a member. I created a non member account which I log on to more usually. By the way, that doesn't mean I wont respond to messages sent to DoomyPanda if you're wondering.

  Animal Jam has changed since I first logged on. Even though I wasn't in the highly esteemed beta period, I remember things were different. I mean, I a panda walked into Epic Wonders one day where clan wolves were, and instead of "attacking" they calmly explained their warrior code and things to me and even offered for me to join. Nowadays that's rare.
  I also saw more people in the Township saying "Party at my den!" than "TRADE MEEEE." I don't know about what you think, but things were better back then.

  Despite all of this negativity, Animal Jam is still a good game. Better than most actually, and it doesn't matter that 98% of the kids in my school don't play it and pressure me to get one of those social network things. I don't care if I'm maybe one or two years too old to play this game, I still will love Animal Jam.   


  1. Yes, Animal Jam has changed ALOT since I joined. It was in March 2011. It was really cool. I LOVED it. Basically, you were member just to buy member only stuff. Nonmems were having much fun there. I could change colors of items, send & receive gifts from Jam-A-Grams, and lots more. I had really much fun on it. Same with me, I spended more time on computer than went outside. And jammers were much nicer too. They weren't judging person by being member or nonmem, they always liked to help and to be someone's buddy. Now it's not so common. Jammers often like to be SO offensive, and like to scam. It was beautiful world of Jamaa, and then all that vanished in April 2011 (if I remember correctly). AJ went too modernized. Flip flops, water slides... It was all getting ridiculous. It lost it's spirit, creativity. I really liked the old Animal Jam better! But after all, there's no game that would replace Animal Jam.

  2. I'm not going to say much but this is EXACTLY how I feel towards AJ myself. I literally read this post about 5 times over again to look for one little difference but nope, there simply aren't any. AJ isn't a bad game now, it's just that AJ started off as one of the best games I've ever played. AJ was the first virtual game I ever played online and was the reason to why I started getting addicted to the computer. The reason why everyone thinks I'm a computer 'nerd' who knows a ton of techonlogy etc.. At school, when we are on the computers EVERYONE asks me about something, EVERYONE. Well, a few ask the teacher but the teacher usually knows less than I do. xD

    Anyways, whenever I log on it's either to meet up my AJ friends too although sometimes it's for my blog's sake. Like for the Birds-of-Paradise Party, I spent two days trying to find all the birds for my blog. Just for my blog. x3

    Ends up I wrote a lot more than I had hoped... /scuttles away and hides under bed covers/ :3


  3. it's been almost a year for me!
    -your biggest fan!

  4. I miss the old Animal Jam. OLD AJ: Beautiful, amazing game based on nature & animals. Alphas, quests, everyone wanted to help. PRESENT AJ: Game that is more humanishy. People tend to scam more, hijack more, and are meaner.


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