Friday, March 29, 2013

The Egg Hunt Has Begun

   Hey jammers. You probably noticed the post I put up a while ago. Sorry I was gone. I had lots to do, and quite frankly, I temporarily lost interest again. Not in Animal Jam, but blogging. Also, my friend persuaded me to buy Minecraft. So… you probably know now what else caused my absence. 

   Well, there is certainly a LOT that happened since I had left. I'll probably not get to all of it today, considering I've only just read the Jamaa Journal. I will just summarize the main new things as detailed as I can. Sorry, no pictures today. :(

   First of all, Animal Jam reached over 10 million players! Yaaaay AJ! As a celebratory gift, a new (and temporary) code has been released: 10MILLION. It gives you a cool banner to hang in your den!

   Next, the yearly egg-collecting-thingy has begun in Jamaa! There are egg-facts spread out in various public lands for you to click. Once you click them all, you receive the cool [insert mysterious prize here]!

   In this update, a not very popular animal will become unavailable. This unexpected animal is the koala, but this time they're not extinct. As the Jamaa Journal says, they're "taking a journey with Cosmo to discover a new land." On the bright side of course, a new land is coming! It's been so long since the last one came out. This will be exciting! Psst, there is a large chance that this new item will be the rocky-ish region with the stream running through it near Appondale. 

   And lastly, to add to the anticipation, a message on the back of Jamaa Journal has appeared! "It's almost time for an ADVENTURE…" it says. YES! I haven't been this excited about something on AJ since summer, when the back page in the Jamaa Journal said something about the shamans returning! Maybe the two are linked…? Most likely, actually,
It's also a weird coincidence that this happened rather shortly after I wrote the post "When Will The Shamans Return?" Or IS IT a coincidence…

That's all for now, Jammers. I hope to see you in Jamaa! :)

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