Sunday, March 10, 2013

Den Tips For Non Members

   Hello again jammers! This post is about (as you have probably read from the title) den tips for non member dens. Non members aren't given as much variety in items and colors as the members, so it can be a bit hard decorating your den in a way that you like. These are more like ideas instead of tips, actually. You don't have to do any of them!

1. Use this ledge as a shelf

I "discovered" this one in early September and have put my favorite plushies up there ever since. There isn't really a shelf-like item for non members, so this is a good place to store things and still have them in view.

2. Hang things from this entrance

Those hanging snowflakes above are used as a good example for this. You can hang a lot of other stuff from there too! Flags, banners, lights… and a bunch of other things that I'm too lazy to mention!

3. Decorate outside of the den

You don't have to keep all of the decorations indoors. You can put some outside as well! You could create a forest of seasonal trees surrounding the den, make a garden, or anything you want! 

4. Use shoji screens as room separators

When you first make an AJ account, you're only given one room to decorate. However, you can use shoji screens to create walls and doors and make different rooms!

5. Make the den your own!

This is probably the best thing to do with your den: have the den mirror your personality! If you like wolves, you can display a collection of wolf plushies! If you like the color green, you can try to trade for green colored items and have your den match! If you like fire… you can buy a lot of tiki torches and  make your den look like it's burning! I admit, thats a little violent, but still. Good idea for someone who likes fire, right? It could also be a cool set for someone who likes to make those AJ music videos that I see a lot… Just an idea.

See you in Jamaa! :)


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