Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Get Into a Full Server

Hello jammers! Do you sometimes log on and want to choose a server with your friend, but they're in a full server? Here is an easy trick that lets you play with your buddy, no matter if the server is full or semi-full. :)

Step 1: Log on

Step 2: Click the server which you want to be in.

Step 3: Bam. You're done.

How it works: No matter how populated a server, people are constantly logging off. It's pretty uncommon that a server is 100% full for a period of time longer than 5 seconds, so there will always be enough room for you.

Sorry if you think that this post was pointless. I had a friend who didn't know this, so I thought that most others didn't either.

Happy exploring!



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  2. Cool! I will use that.


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