Sunday, March 3, 2013

Umm… Hello Again!

   Two days ago I typed up a lengthy post about how I'm taking a long break… Well, err… I didn't take one as long as I thought. I'm back here now and I felt the need to post. I'm probably not going to be this motivated next week…

   While I was away, winter ebbed and spring took over in Jamaa. Now most everything is my favorite color: green. :D

   Spring is my favorite season. I hope this one lasts long! :)
Dr. Brady Barr's lab was remodeled. Another Jamaa theater was added!

   You can watch lots of videos that include fun science experiments that you can do at home. :)

   And of course with the arrival of spring, the Lucky Party wont be far behind. I've yet to go to one of these parties, and the next one for me is in 5 hours. It's been like that for a lot of the recent seasonal parties. The new paradise parties seem to be going on all of the time! To me it seems like the limited time parties should go on more frequently than the others.

   The winner of Cosmo's hat contest has been released. If Mighty Spiritwolf is reading this, congratulations! The winning entry is an eagle hat, non member and sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

   And last of all, the highlight of this green update is the arrival of raccoons!

    The picture on the right is of a raccoon playing. :)
I love these new animals! They're just adorable when they play and sleep. Sadly, raccoons are currently available for members only. However, I say currently because I think these may be available for everyone in the near future. 

   There are lots of other new features and items with this update, but I'll let you find them yourselves for right now. I hope to see you in Jamaa! 

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