Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lots Of New Stuff In April

   Hey jammers, sorry I forgot to tell you that I wasn't posting yesterday. I've had a hectic week, with two concerts, not being able to talk to any of my few friends, two badly graded school assignments which weren't my fault, and other things. When I got home all I wanted to do was start off my spring break by curling up on the floor in a little burrito of shame… Okay, I think you get my point now. 
   Anyway, lots and lots of things have occurred in AJ that I didn't tell y'all about yet. I might as well start by showing you the latest Jamaa Journal.

Oooh, a spirit helmet! I like how they (at least temporarily) stopped the predictable stream of pet gifts. And I like the photo booth. I think it's a nice edition. :)

Cool, it's almost Earth Day! Speaking of that, I have an informational post about that coming soon… 

I'm so excited for the new land! 

   I and many others have some suspicion that there may be a kind of phantom war soon. AJHQ has been dropping major hints, giving away the spirit armor, telling everyone on their blog that you can protect yourself from phantoms if you wear it, the "It's almost time for an adventure…" messages, and some other stuff too. Look at this picture:

(Credit to source listed above and more that of course aren't myself.)

   My hopes for this possible battle are mostly that it will be temporary, and Animal Jam wont make the transition from a cutesy animal game into a game where you only fight things. If that happens, it will be… odd. Like when out of boredom I logged on to Club Penguin one day and found that dubstep was blasting in one of the rooms. 

Well, thats all for now. Feel free to comment, and see you in Jamaa!

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