Sunday, May 5, 2013

Buddy of the Month– May 2013

Hey jammers! Sorry about this late BOTM post, they always turn out late for some reason. That reason is probably because I forget things I have to do too easily. 

The buddy of the month is... 


  We first met in Sarepia Forest. I was looking for a clan, because I was a little bit bored and every other clan I asked to be part of either refused or ignored me. She was with a couple of other wolves, and was talking... you know, about clan stuff. I asked her if it was a clan, she said it was, and admitted me into it happily. I remember the name of the clan vaguely: Werewolf Clan. There were some other wolves who paraded into Sarepia, demanding that we leave and the forest be for themselves. There was a lot of digital fighting and whatnot, and they left. Since that day we were great friends. She made cutesy coffee shops and stuff in her den and I'd help out, I'd defend her when people were mocking her, and we role-played together. The clan faded out rather quickly, actually, because it got boring. But all in all, this was one of the longest AJ friendships I had. Sadly, we grew apart in the late summer last year, and she only came around occasionally to say "Hi." and have small talk conversations. On my buddy list it says that she's not been online for more than 30 days. Despite that we've since separated, it was a very important friendship to me and I wish I made her the BOTM earlier so she would have seen. 
Oh well.

  Thanks for reading, and if you're upset that you weren't Buddy of the Month today and were waiting patiently, there is a large chance that you will be chosen in the future. In fact, I think this blog will be up for so long that I'll get to all of the active users on my buddy list for BOTM. :)

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