Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nonmember Clothing Ideas: Summer Edition

Hey jammers! Since I can't seem to find today's new item, I made another one of those Clothing Idea posts that you all just love. :) 

With upcoming summer vacation for the majority of my viewers (The U.S.A.), and summer parading into Jamaa as well, I've decided to post the sunniest of the AJ trends and trends to-be. 

All of these are easily obtainable. None fall into the category of scary bat-wing rare. All of these can either be won in Sky High, or can be bought in Jam Mart Clothing. :)

First up, I call this one the "Aqua Marine." Corny name, I know. Prepare for a whole lot more as you scroll down.

Items: Light green bat-winged glasses, and a green heart locket.
Availability: Very easy to get. In trades, or in Sky High. 

The next is for pandas. If you've read my "Newbie's Guide to the Summer Carnival" post, you've seen it already. This is the "Morning Glory."

Items: Uncolored head flower, and a yellow lollipop necklace.
Availability: Very easy to get. You can buy the flower in Jam Mart Clothing for very little gems, and the lollipop can be won in Sky High or traded for.

This one is for wolves, proudly entitled "Idk what a good name would be for this."

Items: Blue lollipop necklace, and a blue tipped head feather.
Availability: Fairly easy to obtain. Both items are commonly given prizes in sky high, and are very common.

This next one is for pandas. I call this one the "Splatter Paint Panda."

Items: Aqua and grey colored clarinet, yellow lolly necklace, and orange round glasses.
Availability: Pretty easy, but a little difficult in some ways. You can get the clarinet in the Jam Session, but jammers might not easily give up their colored one. It's a bit of the same with the glasses, but not so much with the necklace.

Last but certainly not least, the "Crystal Sands Seal." 

Items: Nothing more than a head flower. :)
Availability: Very easy. You can just pop into Jam Mart Clothing and buy it. 

Which one was your favorite? What should my next theme be? Do you like kittens? Comment below! ;)

(Koala photo credit to here. This photo is not in any way mine.)


  1. You can also but lollypop neckalaces in the cummer carnival clothing section.

  2. Doomypanda, you should make more summer outfits for each and every animal.

  3. The crystal sands seal is adorable! :)


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