Saturday, June 29, 2013

AJHQ's Reply

Hello jammers! Today I can't seem to find the new item, but AJHQ has responded to my email!

Here is their reply:

AJHQ, Jun 28 22:14 (MDT)

Hello Jammer,

Thanks for contacting us with that great idea! We truly value our Jammers’ ideas and
your feedback helps shape the future of Jamaa. Did you know there's a way for you to
send us your ideas and requests without leaving Animal Jam? To learn how, click the
link to our help section below:

By sending your feedback in-game, it ensures that your idea goes straight to our

Thanks to your enthusiasm for the wonderful world of Animal Jam, Jamaa continues to
grow and improve. So keep playing wild, Jammer!

Thanks again,

Animal Jam HQ

Get them while they last! HUMMINGBIRD pet packs will be leaving Animal Jam
Outfitters on 7/10/2013. This is THE only way to get the pet hummingbird.

They probably sent a prewritten reply, as lots and lots of kids send emails to 
them daily. Regardless, I'm glad that they read through it! :)
Also, according to the text below their message, hummingbirds probably won't be added to the 
diamond shop.  

In other news, according to Animal Jam user grandmapolly, AJ advertisements for adventures are now 
being shown on television. 
You can watch the animated ad by clicking here.
Let me know through comments if you find the new item!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Freedom Update!

Hey jammers! Today is the yearly update when the freedom party returns along with items, new things, and more!

Cute cover.

It looks like we can look forward to some new red/white/blue items this July. 

It would be nice if the diamond shop had some nonmember items. Speaking of the diamond shop, have any of you nonmembers out there gotten a diamond on the daily spin? I'm starting to think it's rigged so only members can get them.

I hope the adventures become accessible to nonmembers soon. I'm really excited!

Also, hummingbird (have not seen those for a LONG time.) membership cards are leaving AJ Outfitters on July 10th. There is a chance that they'll put hummingbirds in the Diamond Shop, so you might not want to get a pet pack unless you want everything in it. (Hummingbird + membership, hummingbird things... etc.)

Now, some notices for today...

  1. Berry The Koala will be updated sometime today with a new entry. (Yay!)
  2. I have sent the email to AJHQ. I'm awaiting a response and once I get one back I will share it with y'all.
That's all for now. See you in Jamaa, and don't forget to comment!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Item of the Day: Freedom Panda Hat!

Hello jammers! With Freedom Day coming up, (and the forth of July) AJHQ is starting to release some new patriotic items to go along with the future digital festivities.

They've already released a freedom bunny hat, a freedom cat hat, and newest in the collection: a freedom panda hat!

The ears are a bit big and it does't really look like a panda, so this might as well be a freedom koala hat. I still like it though. What do you think about the early release of these freedom things?

On an unrelated note, I won't be posting every single day this summer as promised. I want to take time for sleeping, doing things off of AJ, and some freestyle game playing as well. I'm sorry if this inconveniences you in any way.

Next, I think I'm going to send an email to AJHQ to tell them about my idea mentioned in an earlier post on AJ Stream. I think it would benefit everyone if rereleased "rare" items like tea cups and masks replaced R.I.M.'s. That way, they would stay rare, but jammers could still have a chance at getting them.
Any objections?

That's all for now. Have a great day/vacation!


Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey jammers! I apologize for not posting for a few days as I was on vacation. I got out of school just last friday! I'm back now, but since it's now the summer, posts won't be published as early. That's because I want to use these months to sleep later.

Anyway, the Rare Item Monday of this week is sold in Jam Mart Clothing.

It's not something I would buy, but at least it's something new, right?

I was going to close this post now, but I thought I'd add this.

There were different time periods of animal jam which brought it to the way it is now. There was beta testing, a long period afterwards, and then the period we are in now. 

In beta testing, from what I've heard, the kids playing then weren't satisfied with all of the nature-based items, and wanted more "human" things.

In the long period afterward, the kids' wishes were granted, and modernized items, rooms, and things outnumbered the original natural things of the beta period. Shamans disappeared from AJHQ's focus, but were still one of the main things with the kids at the time. They demanded that AJ bring the shamans back, and many didn't like the slight modernization of AJ. 

In what I like to call the 'Adventure Period,' or the current period, the many emails from kids begging AJ to be fairer to nonmembers and shamans' return were answered, opening the doors to a yet another new time. Items in the beta period that were thought to be rare for years were brought back in mere days, and nonmembers were given more abilities.

I'm glad Animal Jam is shaped partly by the kids who play it, and not entirely based on the wishes of the people who made it. It's not easy though, when you have to meet the expectations and spend a lot of money changing the game in many new ways just to keep the kids happy. 

With these changes, there are always new flaws and complaints. In the current Adventure Period, people are now complaining about rare items constantly being stripped of their status. This makes trading frustrating; something that was originally a fairly easy, very fun thing to do becomes dull and pointless. 

I have figured out a little about solving this problem. I know I'm always talking about trading becoming dull, and I know you wish I could talk about something new, and I will. But I've found a partial answer that could fix it, which could make the people who are concerned about the items happier.
With the other times in Jamaa, there was always a request for "more ___ items." After that wish was granted, people complained about it and wanted less/more rare/unrare items released. However, if there's a type of balance involved, everyone can be happy. Not everyone of course, just the general amount of kids who play AJ. 
What do I mean by balance? I mean that if once in a while, as in around every three or four weeks, a rereleased item goes into stores until two updates later, when it goes off of clearance and out of stores. They could also replace Rare Item Monday regular items with "actually rare" items, so they would still be almost as rare. Either of those would be fine, and both the jammers who want more rare items and the jammers who don't can be happy.
How do we get this to happen? Instead of saying "more rare/unrare items" in emails and suggestions, we could say something more specific, like "occasionally rerelease items, and only for a short time to keep them sort of rare." or just "replace the regular colored items in Rare Item Monday with rereleased items to keep them rare but give others a chance."

I'm sorry for that long rant. I was bored and needed to write something.
Comment below if you agree/disagree or if you have ideas! :)


Friday, June 21, 2013

The New Land

There has been so much fuss about the new adventures that we've almost forgotten about the new land! There have been a lot of hints, and with those I have finalized what the new land will be like.

First of all, take this small excerpt from the Jamaa Journal...

This (underlined part) is implying that the new land will look similar to the habitat of the kangaroo. In Australia, kangaroos are pretty much everywhere; streets, wide grassy places, their population sometimes even exceeds that of the humans in Australia. It seems like a broad statement from AJHQ, considering that. But to me there is about a -2 in 10 chance that the new land will be a modernized area.
With that said, the new land will probably be more vast than the others. 

On the map, this is the spot which will most likely be the new land.

As you can see, the geography of this land meets the "wide, grassy" habitat of the kangaroo. A river runs through it, supplying water to a large portion of Jamaa. The land is fenced in by brown, tall, jagged mountains. 

The art on the kangaroo gift card could provide some clues as well...

This looks much like a kangaroo habitat. With all of the other gift card animals, the background was never just a made up land in Jamaa. 

(This photo is not mine. I take no credit whatsoever.)

I found this on an informational page about kangaroo habitats. This looks very similar to the darkened land on the map, as you have probably noticed. I've come to the conclusion that this is pretty much what the new land will look like. If you agree or have a different idea, comment below! :)

That's all for now. See you in Jamaa!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

They're Here!

After so many months they're finally here! Who or what, you may ask?


That's right, adventures are in beta-testing NOW! Only for members, that is. Sorry fellow nonmembers, but beta testing will probably end in two or so updates!

Here are a few teasers of the new adventures brought to you by the amazing Gringersnap!

Thanks for reading! Keep checking for an interesting (in my opinion) post on the new land!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Animal Jam Stream's First Year

Today is June eighteenth. A year ago today, I had finally decided to stop waiting and made this blog. I excitedly typed up the first post and hit the publish button, unknowing of what was to come.

Well, it's been one whole year and I haven't left yet.

It's been one whole year and I have still posted somewhat regularly.

It's been one whole year and I still have some interest in Animal Jam.

I honestly didn't think I'd stay for one year. I thought I would only stay on for ten or eight months total, or quit when I restarted school in september, but I haven't. That's been both good for me and a hindrance.

Writing on this blog every day helped me make my writing better. I got better grades, and it increased my creativity with words. I don't mean to rub it in your face, but my language grades have gotten much higher than from where I started on June 18, 2012. 

Running this blog has also helped me make friends with the viewers. I was never ever popular at all in real life, and checking my dashboard to see new comments and a steady flow of page views made me feel good that people were actually reading the stuff I wrote. I added people to my buddy list who have been AJ friends with me to today. Those including Dramione1234, Gringersnap, and Feiryclaw77. 

But there of course have been some negative things that were caused by running AJ Stream. The worst thing is that it's gotten me addicted to the computer. I can't be off of the computer for a second, even when I'm not on Animal Jam. I don't even enjoy it much, it's just routine. 
Before this blog was started up, I was five times as addicted to AJ as I am now, I could still talk with my friends, I still could still write and draw IRL and be happy with it. But 95% of my free time was used up playing Animal Jam, and I enjoyed that "wasted" time because I really, really loved playing the game. 
It was fun for a while, but I stopped liking it as much as I did after a while. 

By then, I didn't know what to do. Blogging and going on AJ seemed like a boring routine. More importantly, I couldn't find anything else that was as fun to do as the game. I didn't have many friends (Only two in total) in real life, and no hobbies that could counteract my boredom as AJ did. I couldn't find any games that were as fun either.

I have grown to accept that. It's either the game changing, or me changing in tastes. Probably both.

But now, things are getting better for me. I'm finding new things I like, as well as getting interested back into Jamaa and my blog again. I'm getting some more real life friends, getting over depression, and writing a whole lot more. 

Overall, running Animal Jam Stream has been fun for me. I've met a lot of kids, made a lot of friends, and without it, I probably would have stopped playing animal jam already. It's embarrassing for me to tell anyone about AJ or my blog, it's something I keep to myself. Thats okay though.

I want to thank a few jammers for being there with me. On AJ or on Animal Jam Stream.

I want to thank ElephantWolf for giving me constant support, being the first ever to comment, and for just being one of the best online friends ever.

I want to thank TheHowler for being my friend. Even though the time you were with me seemed to go by too quickly, and even though you left without saying goodbye, I'll remember you even after I leave Animal Jam.

I want to thank candylady1436 for being my first best friend on Animal Jam. If you're reading this, hi.

I want to thank each and every one of my followers as well. And to my non-following fans (can I say fans?) thank you all so much for supporting me by commenting, voting on polls, sending me Jam-a-Grams, and for just looking at my blog. 

This year has been good, and I hope we have an even better next year.

Thank you everyone for supporting me up to today!

Monday, June 17, 2013

R.I.M. + Berry The Koala NEWS!

Hey jammers! Today is monday, the start of a brand-new week. For me, it's the beginning of my last week at school. I get out for 80 days of vacation just this friday! Monday is also the day of the week when a rare item– usually a regular one, just colored –is for sale for a large price in one of the shops. 

Like last monday, the Rare Item Monday is sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

The rare pink sofa!

This looks exactly like the regular pink sofa, as you have probably noticed. It could in fact really be the pink sofa, the ones sold a while ago could have been put on clearance. This means that AJHQ is going to rerelease some more older items on Rare Item Monday! 
This would of course be cool maybe last summer, but now all it's really causing is another lot of items losing the status as "rare" and making trading boring, and a little bit anxious because of the possibility that the item they're trading everything for will be released again. 
This coming from me, an Animal Jam player who never trades.

In other news, this morning when I checked my blogger dashboard, I noticed in total 13 new comments. That's the second largest amount I've gotten in one day! Ten of those comments were on Berry The Koala, and all of them were giving supportive feedback. 
I've been getting a lot of that lately (thanks everyone!), and with this three month delay, I think it's finally time that I say...

That's right! Just in time for AJ Stream's one year anniversary, your favorite koala, elephant, and crocodile have decided to stop being lazy and pick their journals up again and write! When? In only a week! Next tuesday, that is. 

But who knows, they could be returning as soon as today! ;)

That's all for now. Thanks to everyone for supporting me!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Kangaroo?

Hey jammers! There has been rumor abuzz of yet another gift card animal. 
"Ugh, another?" 
Yes, a whole new member-only animal craze is about to start. Better lock the doors and cower, for the kangaroo fanatics are about to go insane.

Move aside lions, arctic wolves, and leopards to make way for the new kangaroo!

(Screenshot credit to snowyclaw.)

Just like the leopards and arctic wolves, some of the gift cards were released a bit too early and some kids grabbed them right as they were put on the shelves. They slipped into Jamaa, and of course some people who knew how to take screenshots were surprised at the new animal that had gotten there before AJHQ announced it.
It's unknown so far what location on the globe this animal is available in. I'm guessing Australia, if anything, because of course the kangaroo is the national animal.
If you do live in a region where this is sold, I advise you that unless you're a nonmember and really love kangaroos, you shouldn't buy the gift card yet. The reason for this is because with the introduction of the diamond shop, after a month or so of the kangaroo's popularization they will be for sale in the animal section. The purchase of the membership would be pointless if you're already a member. I suggest you should wait a little on buying this.

Now, some notices for today...

  1. There will not be a buddy of the month for June. At least, not anytime soon this month. I don't have much time to choose one.
  2. Second, I've counted up the votes on my poll. There will certainly be some sort of a party this summer, perhaps in July.
  3. Third, I'm working on updating the pages. I'm adding this update's clearance items, and hopefully write some new codes up on the Code Page.

That's all for now. See you in Jamaa! :)


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Item of the Day: Tea Cup!

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting for this long. To be completely truthful, the reason I haven't posted is because I've become depressed and have lost much of the interest that I used to have. That and school things. 

The new item of the day is a rereleased favorite originating from just after beta testing!

   Just as cheap as when it was released in the Coral Corner shop, the tea cup is back and this time in Jam Mart Furniture. 
   A lot of previously rare items have been coming out a whole lot recently. Starting with pirate swords, to top hats, to clouds and other member gifts coming out in the diamond shop. It's predictable that more– possibly all –are to be released this year. The only items that are sure not to come out any time soon are purple worns and other Leap Year party things; scheduled to come out in at least three years. 
That's right, at this rate, "beta" Worn Blankets are sure to come out this year and purple worns will at some point become rarer.
I'm guessing it's a little troubling for AJ kids who like to have all of the cool rare items that they're all coming out. It's causing some quitting lately; I walked into Jamaa Township and just there I saw around five or so talking about quitting because of the sudden availability of their favorite rare items.

Now, there are a lot of people on AJ who say that 'Rares Don't Matter.'
That's right. In no way, shape, or form do they matter.
Not on a universal scale or regular scale.
But of course,
they're incredibly fun to collect and show off.
In fact, they're one of the main fun aspects of Animal Jam, because they involve a challenge

All games are nothing without some type of challenge. That's why those computer math games that involve just typing the answer to an addition problem in to win are not the kind of things you usually do in your free time. They're "for babies." They're "dumb." 
They have barely any difficulty, and you don't have any sense of pride in winning.
By reading this blog, I'm assuming you play Animal Jam. 
On AJ, what you do is play mini games, meet some friends, and collect items. There's a challenge to each of those. With mini games, there is a goal established, such as knocking down the structures in Fruit Slinger and blowing up the phantoms. There is a challenger trying to stop you from achieving that; the other player trying to blow up the phantoms before you, or in single player the difficulty of a straight aim.
With meeting friends, there is also a challenge. The challenge is one I and many others face very often: meeting someone who shares some interests, someone who accepts you, and someone you can talk to. There is some time and small risks taken with that.
The third challenge is of course, collecting rare items. It isn't necessary, but then again, is Animal Jam necessary? 
The challenge with collecting rare items is that they weren't very accessible; they were something in the clouds that you just couldn't reach by just lifting up your arms. You had to trade up, and build your ladder up slowly until you could finally grasp what you wanted. Then, you had it, and there was a sense of pride. 
With the new "system" of releasing items as old as early beta testing, and making them ridiculously easy to get, there isn't any sort of accomplishment in taking one second to buy and wear an item that you used to only wish to get. Animal Jam is getting easier and easier, and lots of the kids who play the game are happy with that. 
Even though I don't think you people care much about my opinion, I think Animal Jam shouldn't get this easy. Restating the beginning, games without a challenge are boring and dull. It isn't just with games though, it's with non-digital life as well.

What if all challenges that you face today were just... gone?

What if you just pushed one button and you would never have to eat again?

What if you could make the entire population of Earth like you without any effort?

It would be good for a while, of course, but it would be short-lived. You'd without a chance become bored at the predictability and ease of it all. 

The moral of the story is that without the challenge of items being rare and out of grasp, it eliminates a challenge that makes Animal Jam fun.
Oh wow, congrats again, DoomyPanda, for over stressing some simple kids game related problem on your blog instead of studying. Claps for you. *slow clap*

Why do you play Animal Jam? :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

AJHQ Leaving Us In Suspense...

Hello jammers! I apologize for skipping posting too much, but there will be more delays in the near future. As I said earlier, I'm getting a lot of projects and things at this point in the year. Also, some days I completely lose interest. I'm sorry, and I will try to post as frequently as I can.

The R.I.M. of today is the first of it's kind: a rare HD television!

   There will be a lot of change happening this month. So far, now we have furniture Rare Item Mondays, and soon to come will be the quests we've been waiting for since last August. Wow, that was just around ten months ago. As I keep restating, with the amount of wait, there will be some major changes happening.

In relating news, AJHQ has left another suspenseful message on the June Adventures on the Daily Explorer...

I knew it was about the phantoms. They're always shown as "Jamaa's worst enemy," of course. I personally think it would be more of an exciting twist for the phantoms to be revealed as good, or maybe even the phantoms merging together and out of the darkness comes the reincarnated Mira! Phantoms were born from Mira's tears, after all.

   Usually, at the end of digital game "battles" or at the completion of video games, there is a message for the gamer to take away. Instead of leaving a predictable message for the kids, like "Keep trying," or any of that jazz, they should show them to find the good in the evil, and the evil in the good. That's my favorite quote of all time. Excuse me while I center the text and put it in big letters...

"Find the good in the evil,
and the evil in the good."

   Hayao Miyazaki said that once, I think. I believe it's one of the most inspirational and true quotes out there, and I believe you should hear it and think about it, too. It would be awesome if Animal Jam H.Q. incorporated that into this phantom battle that's kept us all in uneasy suspense for ten months. I know that it probably won't be that way, and I respect them if they didn't include it, but it would be nice for this idea to get heard a little more.

Well, that's it for now. Expect an update to the clearance item page, and see you in Jamaa! :)


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update June 2013!

Hey jammers! There has been quite an exciting update today! Instead of filling this blurb up with filler, I might as well get to it right away.

As usual as updates go, there is a new pet for members to adopt. However, there is a different pet that's not just for members now...

Hamsters can now be adopted by nonmembers! Finally, after so many months of typing into the (?) button our wishes were heard.

 The new contest winner has been announced! Congrats, Duke Arcticpaw! I'm a bit sad that I didn't win, but I'm ecstatic that I finally got into the gallery! For more info, scroll down! :)

And finally, after months and months of anticipation, the Phantom Adventures are finally confirmed to begin THIS MONTH! I can't put into words how excited I am!

Above, just a few seconds earlier, I mentioned that I finally got into the gallery. I did! I finally did! My contest entry was not ignored and got into the finalists of the contest! Looky here...

You can click to see details, or view it in Jammer Central. :)

I watercolored the entry over the weekend. I'm a little sad that I didn't win the contest, but I'm absolutely thrilled to have been accepted in the gallery!
By the way, this isn't on my DoomyPanda account. I'm mostly on another account, and that is the one I won on.

There is, as with most updates, a new item in shops. This time it's in Jam Mart Furniture:

Cool, right?

That's all for now, jammers. See you in Jamaa! :)


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Star Hat

Hey jammers! The new item of the day is the newest edition to the space theme over in the summer carnival: The star hat!

These hats keep getting better! I think they should release hats relating to all of the known planets in our solar system. Is that a good idea?

Before you spend the 4,000 tickets, here is how the hats look on pandas and wolves:

(Sorry that there are only two animals here. I am a nonmember and I don't have many gems at the moment.) 

On an unrelated note, I submit a lot of digital drawings that I made every update to AJHQ. So far, none of them have been accepted into the gallery. I just hope that at least my contest entry gets in.
Well, I'm going to post some of the drawings that didn't get in on here, because I really want you to see them. I apologize if they hurt your eyes.

The one I'll show you today is a bit uncreative. It's the "four elements" theme that I see everywhere.
I made this in the Jamaa Art Studio.

Please do not claim this as your own drawing. That is art theft.

Do you like it? Feel free to express your opinion as long as it's not blindly hateful. :)

That's all for now, jammers. Happy exploring!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Day of June!

Hey jammers, happy June 1st! It's certainly gotten much hotter where I am. Wednesday was just nice; cool breezes, probably 20 or so Celsius. But then on thursday it just shot up to 30 like it just said "Oh, so you thought this summer would be nice and breezy? I LIED." 

Okay. Enough with that rant. This is an Animal Jam blog, not some weather channel. Moving onto the new item...

I really like this birthstone idea, but they should really make at least one of them nonmember. These aren't very popular in member dens, and allowing nonmembers to buy them would increase their popularity. But of course, AJ can't really get as much money out of that, so it's an unlikely situation.
What's your opinion?

That's all of the new things for today, jammers. See you in Jamaa!


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