Thursday, June 27, 2013

Freedom Update!

Hey jammers! Today is the yearly update when the freedom party returns along with items, new things, and more!

Cute cover.

It looks like we can look forward to some new red/white/blue items this July. 

It would be nice if the diamond shop had some nonmember items. Speaking of the diamond shop, have any of you nonmembers out there gotten a diamond on the daily spin? I'm starting to think it's rigged so only members can get them.

I hope the adventures become accessible to nonmembers soon. I'm really excited!

Also, hummingbird (have not seen those for a LONG time.) membership cards are leaving AJ Outfitters on July 10th. There is a chance that they'll put hummingbirds in the Diamond Shop, so you might not want to get a pet pack unless you want everything in it. (Hummingbird + membership, hummingbird things... etc.)

Now, some notices for today...

  1. Berry The Koala will be updated sometime today with a new entry. (Yay!)
  2. I have sent the email to AJHQ. I'm awaiting a response and once I get one back I will share it with y'all.
That's all for now. See you in Jamaa, and don't forget to comment!


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