Friday, June 21, 2013

The New Land

There has been so much fuss about the new adventures that we've almost forgotten about the new land! There have been a lot of hints, and with those I have finalized what the new land will be like.

First of all, take this small excerpt from the Jamaa Journal...

This (underlined part) is implying that the new land will look similar to the habitat of the kangaroo. In Australia, kangaroos are pretty much everywhere; streets, wide grassy places, their population sometimes even exceeds that of the humans in Australia. It seems like a broad statement from AJHQ, considering that. But to me there is about a -2 in 10 chance that the new land will be a modernized area.
With that said, the new land will probably be more vast than the others. 

On the map, this is the spot which will most likely be the new land.

As you can see, the geography of this land meets the "wide, grassy" habitat of the kangaroo. A river runs through it, supplying water to a large portion of Jamaa. The land is fenced in by brown, tall, jagged mountains. 

The art on the kangaroo gift card could provide some clues as well...

This looks much like a kangaroo habitat. With all of the other gift card animals, the background was never just a made up land in Jamaa. 

(This photo is not mine. I take no credit whatsoever.)

I found this on an informational page about kangaroo habitats. This looks very similar to the darkened land on the map, as you have probably noticed. I've come to the conclusion that this is pretty much what the new land will look like. If you agree or have a different idea, comment below! :)

That's all for now. See you in Jamaa!



  1. i want a kangaroo so bad but it cost so much money on ebay and my mom won't let me buy it

    1. I know right I want one sooo badly


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