Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Small Corner Shelf + Mira?

Hey jammers! I apologize yet again for my inconsistent daily posting, to be honest, me being careless is one of the main reasons why some days I don't post. 

Usually, the case is me thinking, "I'll post at __ o'clock," then getting on the internet and ignoring the time until four hours later, when I think "I better post soon." Then I go get a snack, come back, and go back on the internet and have the lurking feeling that I have to do something, but I ignore it until some time later. 

I'm not a very serious AJ blogger, as you can tell.

Anyway, the new item of the day is (thank goodness) a nonmember furniture item that's sold where else, but Jam Mart Furniture.

This lives up to it's name of being small, as it can really only hold about one figure/plushie/small decorative item. If you want to put more things up, you should of course buy more than one shelf.

In other news, the design on the membership gift cards has been updated.

(Photo credit to Animal Jam Spirit and possibly other sources which are not me. Over 98% of electricity produced in Norway comes from renewable energy. Now you know.)

AJHQ is certainly centering the spotlight on the shamans a whole lot. The adventures turned out to be not much at all of a big deal, and though there possibly may be more to come, I'm wondering if they'll add some more of the original Jamaa characters back. 
By original characters, I'm talking Mira and Zios. They were pushed to the sidelines probably because someone wasn't comfortable with there being a "creator" of Jamaa and associated a spiritual creator with an assumed religious cult in the game. It wasn't a digital cult at all; it wasn't even something to add "meaning" to the game. It was just an addition of a character like the shamans, only a bit more mysterious.
While Mira was technically a spirit, the fact that she was had nothing to do with "religion" or "witchcraft" or anything like that. To rephrase, she was just a character. Animal Jam's content is fairly scientific, aside from the phantoms and talking animals and stuff. 

I'm not taking any sides, but it would be nice for Mira to be brought back. They could do something like they did changing shamans to alphas, maybe refer to her as Empress Great Heron or something that everyone agrees with. 

What are your thoughts?

See you at the Adventure Base Camp!



  1. (Random note) On Animal Jam Wiki, it says that Mira is ACTUALLY the statue in Jamaa Township, but in a curse! :O


    1. Don't take all the stuff from Wikia seriously. Anyone can edit texts on there, you don't have to register to edit it. Which means it's not official, and those who wrote the article on there might have heard of it from others, but that's not true. Mira is not actually a statue - she is creator of Jamaa and a spirit, but her statue IS in Township.

    2. I think what @anonymous meant by that was not that Mira is a statue, but she is set in a curse that keeps her from moving (or she's frozen).
      Although some of the information from Wiki is not true, I tend to believe most of the information that is put on it is true because the admins of Wiki check EVERYTHING that people post on it to make sure that it is positive information.

  2. I totally agree with you! I mean, she is not at all related to anything religious that would offend anyone. I'm a Christian myself and I don't find that at all offensive.
    But, then again, maybe someone WOULD take it offensively. So, I like your idea on changing her name to something other than
    "creator of Jamaa", because maybe then people would take it better.

  3. DoomyPanda go to the base camp there is a broken ladder amd at the new adventure there are stairs with a covered doorway with tnt!!!!

  4. Here are my thoughts: I thought about what you said about excluding Mira from all the fun, so I experimented. I got a new Animal Jam account and went through the tutorial again. Since AJ doesn't like Mira anymore, AJHQ actually updated the tutorial with Liza and excluded the part with Mira in it! Now no new Jammers will know why in the world there's a statue of a crane/heron in the Township. Or why there's a Zios Mask in the Temple of Zios (besides the fact that his name is in the title). That stinks, now doesn't it?! (My new user's name is Maroongamer.) -113457


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