Saturday, January 11, 2014

11 Things You Didn't Know About Snails

(Warning: If snails gross you out a whole lot, don't scroll down any further.)

Hey animals! I know these recent posts seem like one excuse for not posting after another, but I didn't make this post last weekend because I was sick. After a week of delay, I'm feeling a little better and I'm finally going to publish it. I hope you understand!

This informational post is about... snails!

(image not mine.)

They were my favorite animal and when I was younger I kept pet snails in a terrarium who were there up to 2 years. :)

You can find these almost anywhere, but there is a surprising amount of things you wouldn't guess were true about them. 

This post is about things you wouldn't think were true about snails or slugs. Enjoy!

1. Garden snails can sleep soundly for up to 3 years straight and wake up afterwards and return to eating and doing other snaily pastimes like nothing happened.

2. Snails have a single "foot" at the end of their body that they use to move around. 

3. A certain type of slug can create a type of pole of mucus so it can climb up and mate with another slug in midair. 

4. Some slugs can self-amputate a part of their tail (caught in a predators grasp) to get away from being eaten.

5. The giant African land snail (Achatina fulica) is on average 7 centimeters in height and 20 centimeters or more in length.

6. Cone snails use a tooth and a venom gland to catch their prey. The venoms that they use are called Conotoxins and can be extremely fatal to humans.

7. Cone snails have a brightly colored patterned body which can be attractive to the human eye. No matter how pretty, don't pick up a cone snail!

8. Slugs can become aggressive in the summer when resources are down.

9. The pacific banana slug can reach up to 28 centimeters long.

10. Some slugs hibernate underground during winter.

11. Slugs are important to the ecosystem by eating fungi.

Thats all the facts for now,
have a great day!

–Quintanna/Countess Rainyflower

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