Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hey animals! Today marks the second biweekly update of the month. Instead of adding more annoying filler, lets get right to the Jamaa Journal! ^_^

Jamaa Journal

Update Summary

With January's soon close, the friendship festival is sure to be just around the corner. Soon pink and red friendship jam-a-grams will be available for use, and cutesy items will arrive in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. Lets not forget the friendship party though!

 Last update's mystery has been answered. With AJHQ using words like "gliding" and picturing a black and white feather, it's obvious that February will bring hearts, friendship jam-a-grams, and magnificent birds soaring and squawking through the sky.

You can now go on adventures through the world map!
Which is nice, but my map seems to be a little glitchy...

I can't click even the nonmember adventures!
Is anyone else getting this? If so, comment below!

Now for the cover of the Jamaa Journal: The Denstravaganza. It's like last year's Hat-a-palooza, only with dens. Actually, not really. Instead of a big celebration with hat shops on every corner, all dens are half the price! Go to the Den Depot in coral canyons today to buy that fantasy castle you've always wanted.

New Items

New items include the new deer shaman statue in the Chamber of Knowledge, and an underwater item down below in Kani Cove.

Daily Explorer

Fun Fact!

A group of tigers is called an "ambush" or "streak"!

Thanks for reading,
see you in Jamaa!


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