Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Featured Den of the Month – WINNER!

Hey animals! The item of today is the pine tree, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.

Pick this up today! :)

Now onto the biggest part of today... January's first Den of the Month!

I present to you the winner...


This is definitely a den worthy to be featured. Coolsalmon's den is a wintry snow fort, amazing from the potted baobabs to the aurora-designed wallpaper!
Still Jamaaliday themed, but incredibly charming nonetheless, my favorite part is how Coolsalmon added a Jamaaliday bow (den item) to a Sidekix penguin plushie to make it appear as if the penguin is wearing a bow tie! ^_^

Coolsalmon's den will go on the BOTM page. The buddies of the month will still stay up, but will be separated from the dens of the month. 

Thanks for reading,
see you in Jamaa!


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