Saturday, January 25, 2014

Is Anyone There? (Long post)

Is anyone still there?

I'm not getting as many views as I used to, and I've been noticing some other animal jam blogs shutting down. I google searched "animal jam blog" and almost all of the blogs that came up had either shut down or had a "quitting" message at the beginning.

Just when I get back into blogging, everyone decides to leave. Hmph. 

I remember when I started AJ Stream, pretty much everyone I talked to had some sort of a frequently updated blog about AJ! Now they're all gone, including many of the ones in my "more blogs" list.

To be honest, I think many of the people with blogs have been around AJ for a long while. They think they've seen it all and quit because they aren't excited about where it's going.

I'm not excited about being alone on my blogger dashboard. At all. People are quitting animal jam rapidly and as I know, the first step towards a website shutting down is a drop in users, a drop in memberships, a drop in cash flow. 

I don't have friends right now (IRL) and the only thing that I'm excited about are online games. Particularly this one. I need this website to stay running.

So please, AJHQ, please let 2014 be full of surprises that bring everyone back. (You're not reading this, I kno. lol.)

I don't want any of you to go.

( ;_; )


  1. I just found your AWESOME blog! Don't leave ;-;

  2. I'm ALWAYS updating my Wiki ( ) (It's not public, so you can't see it, sorry!) and the wiki it technically a blog, so yeah, I'm like you. I blog about Animal Jam ALL THE TIME. Only wikispaces doesn't have enough tools that makes it look like this blogspot stuff, so there aren't many pictures, but STILL! I'm a decent blogger! I hope the Animal Jammers NEVER DIE, and that shall NEVER CEASE TO BE!!


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