Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Animal Jam Inspired Poems and Short Stories

Hey jammers! There isn't much news today, if you don't count the fact that Hyenas and the Summer Carnival are coming to Jamaa tomorrow. 

I was in the mood to write, so this post will be a compilation of AJ inspired poems and short stories written by moi. 

You're into those, right?

Hope so.

Sand of Crystals

Push back the ferns and spider webs,
until the sun shines bright
across glittering sand and shimmering waves,
that crash with tidal might.
Moon tugs ocean,
Earth has fun,
it's a game of war that will never be won.
Monkeys laugh, horses neigh
Summer isn't so far away.
Lets go together and spend the day
in the warm and welcoming sun.

Why Koalas Live in Trees

Long, long ago, when bears still had tails and Jamaa was just opening it's petals to the bright dawn of a new world, there lived a koala in what is now known as Appondale. Everyday, she would look around for strong animals to race. Koala was the fastest runner in the whole village and was envied by almost everyone–

especially Kangaroo. 

Kangaroo was so envious of Koala that he was jealous and bitter because of it. Before Koala came around, Kangaroo would have considered himself THE strongest, THE fastest, and of course, THE best at anything physical. Now that Koala had left the art studio and taken to running, now Kangaroo was completely out of the picture! He loved attention, and now as just a bystander he felt he had to do something, and something fast.

Kangaroo went on a journey to Phantom volcano. He tried to think of something to bribe them with, but as it turned out, the Phantoms were more than happy to put a curse on Koala so she would hinder Kangaroo's quest for popularity no more. "The curse will render the ground hot coals underneath this animal's paws, now never come back lest you never seen again!" Cried the phantom. 

They loved causing misfortune to the animals of Jamaa, and despite the shamans constant intervening of their plans, Phantom Volcano was mostly overlooked by the elders as a myth.

One day, Koala was racing Cheetah in what is now known as Kimbara Outback. Koala had won, of course, and was now going to go home to sleep for 20 hours. (Koalas sleep a whole lot.)
When suddenly, the ground began to burn.

"Ouch! The ground is burning!" Cried Koala, who hurried up a tree.

"No it isn't," said Cheetah, with a glance to the dust beneath her paws, "You must be allergic to the dust! You should go home to rest."

Koala sped home, but upon realizing the floor of her own den burned her paws as well, she hurriedly climbed up a tree, where Koala has remained to this day.


That's all for now,
should I post more of these? 



  1. Dang, those were COOL! I love your little poems and stories, keep up the great work! And now a Symbol Koala for you!
    Hehe, I love symbol animals.

  2. Um, YES you should post more of these! I love your stories!


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