Saturday, May 3, 2014

Buddy Of The Month – May!

Hey animals! Since there doesn't seem to be a whole ton of news today, I thought I might post the Buddy of the Month for May as promised in earlier posts. :)

If you want to be the buddy of the month, you have to be on my buddy list. I'm accepting 99% of buddy requests, but Buddy of the Month isn't a contest. Normally, I feature jammers who I've known for a while and spent a lot of time with.

But enough with this blabbering, let us finally see who the Buddy of the Month is!

Okay. The buddy of the month for May 2014 is...



I have known Gogreen for a long while. I think I met her through someone else, but it's been so long that I've forgotten. A couple of summers ago, every day I would log into AJ and find her along with a group of my close AJ friends online. Usually, we all would meet in my den to chat. 
Gogreen16 is a very kind and fun friend to have. We hadn't talked for a long while because of my account switch, but now that I'm playing as DoomyPanda now, we have a lot more time to spend together! :) 

Thanks for reading,
see you in Jamaa!

– Doomy


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Guys! It's Gogreen16!
      After reading this post, I feel so touched and how close Doomy and I have been friends for the past... well idk years? A year ago I decided to quit for a while and play Minecraft! But after a few months I got back on. The more I played the less and less Doomy got on. We met every now and then and enjoyed having fun. But this! I realize now that we are more than buddies! We're EPIC buddies!
      So my thanks to Doomy and with all the support!
      P.S. I would've commented with a Google Account or something, but Im usually too lazy when it comes to creating emails =l

    2. Thank you kindly felow stranger =D

  2. My bad, I forgot to write in my previous comment about how touched I was for Doomy to write all those nice things about me.
    And OMG I keep on looking at this page over and over XD!


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