Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Stream Contests!

Hey animals! How art thou? B)
I'm pretty good, because finally after months of boring posts there's a new contest on AJ Stream!

I've decided there will be a weekly contest, with prizes being one of three things:

• A hand drawing (sometimes watercolored) of your main AJ animal. I've been getting MUCH better at drawing animals lately!

• A minor rare (frankenstein masks, freedom bands, etc.)

• Your AJ blog promoted and reviewed on a post

You can choose which type of prize you want, but I may not have any rares available on that day.

The contests, I've decided, will be every monday – starting today!

Everyone needs a little to look forward to on a monday, right? ^_^;


Sold in Jam Mart Clothing. Perfect for warriors in training!
The Daily Explorer wrote up a post on this item as well, if you're curious. It's very pretty! I love the pearl colored gem in the middle. :)

Random Screenshot

Pugs going for a swim :)
Not AJ related, but adorable nonetheless. X)

Monday Contest

Question: Where is this framed drawing of a butterfly located? It may not be where you think...

If you haven't the slightest clue, here is a riddle to help you:

To the center of the land
where the emerald once sat,
go to your left,
but don't turn back!

Comment your answer below with the prize you would like if you win. (Info on prizes at the top of this post!)

But hurry! The first one with the correct answer wins! 

Thanks for reading,
jam on!

— Doomy


  1. IT"S IN JAM MART CLOTHING!!! /)0^0(\ minor rare plz

  2. It's in Jam Mart clothing, as soon as you walk in by the Zios mask. I'd like a hand drawn pic if I win. :3
    Chances are, Qwertycat won, though X3


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