Saturday, July 12, 2014

Buddy of the Month – July!

Hey animals! Since there's not much news today, this post will be dedicated to the July Buddy of the Month of 2014. I'll use the rest of today to just play Animal Jam. 

Remember, my den is unlocked and I accept almost all buddy requests!

So for this Buddy of the Month, you're gonna have to guess the buddy before I tell ya. This person has a type of fish in their name, but not just any fish, a cool fish. They were an avid commenter on my blog before sending me a buddy request and starting to hang out with me a whole lot.

They already won Den of the Month before, and if you go look at the Buddy of the Month, it will become very clear to you.

Yes, the winner of this BOTM is COOLSALMON!

What a cool looking eagle. Almost as cool as salmon! ;) 

If you want to become Buddy of the Month, don't ask through the comments. Just send me a buddy request, send me Jam a Grams, and hang out with me sometime!

It isn't a contest!

Well, that checks off every single thing on my blog to-do list. Post 113457's drawing, update BOTM, write up an entry on Berry the Koala...

Oh, that's right! Click here to read the newest monthly installation of Berry the Koala. Rainy is still traveling through the wilderness with the two "geckos," but is beginning to grow suspicious of their actions, or is he just acting crazy?

Until tomorrow!


  1. OMG thank you so much doomy! You are the best!

  2. As the buddy of the month for May of 2014, I congratulate you :D
    Although I want to make one simple, and sort of embarrassing, request about the profile picture Doomy posted of me during BOTM of May (Doomy MAY WANNA READ :/)
    The profile picture for BOTM for May wasn't my occasional look. Me and one of my buddies do these little role-play skits every once in a while, so that was my RP look. So i feel a bit like a nooby just looking at it /).(\
    Luckily, that was about 2 months ago, so thats all over with. I was going to request earlier, but too late now. Oh well =P BANANAS!


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