Friday, July 4, 2014

Protect Your Head with FREEDOM!!!

Hey jammers! Sorry for not posting when I said I would. I would make up some actually reasonable excuse, but the truth is I literally just wasn't up for it. It had been kind of a big day for me. I had sat in my animation class for six hours staring at a screen so all I wanted to do was SLEEEEP. 

I hope you understand, we all have lazy days, right? Right? I shouldn't really be saying this when there are animal jam bloggers probably reading this right now that get up every day at 1 AM to post, whether they're on a phone, a computer, or drowning in the middle of the ocean.

Hai guyz!! sorry 4 the late post but I'm out in tha ocean n stuff. 
moving on, the new item of today is the– 

I have so much respect for y'all who care so much about their blog that they post RIGHT ON SCHEDULE no matter what.

Like wow.

Moving on...

This helmet shows FREEDOM so you can protect your head with FREEDOM and also the metal in the helmet.

Sorry, I have to go somewhere right now. See you in Jamaa!


  1. I think the metal in the helmet helps more x3

  2. ~Reminder to Doomy =3
    My birthday is coming up on the 6th of July! Hope you'll be able to celebrate with me on AJ


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