Friday, August 29, 2014

Bonsai Tree!

Hey animals! I hope you're having a great first few days of school, or last few days of summer. The new item of today is sold way up in Treetop Gardens, located in the top section of Sarepia Forest.

A new nonmember plant! How exciting. If you use the color change button, you can see many variations of the bonsai; some with flowers, fruits, and berries, too. A bonsai tree can be made out of close to any perennial shrub or sapling!

This is going to be a short post. I want to go online so I can talk to all of you! Here are some blog notices before I close up for the day:

1. I will be going away yet again today, but this time only until Monday.

2. I will work on the new Berry the Koala entry this weekend.

3. I may or may not have internet connection, so bear with me. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

4. I will be figuring out the details of a promised 60,000th view party.

That's all for now, Jammers,
I hope I can see you all in Jamaa!



  1. Ooh, can't wait for a party! Also, I like the bonsai tree. It is lacking my favourite detail of the older Jamaa, though: the choppy, weird angles that used to be one most items. Now everything is round. Eww. Anyways, I like the bear thingy :P
    ~Keep calm and Jam On! -jhana


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