Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer is Coming to an End

Hey jammers! I'm back at home now, with more access to a computer as well as more boredom. At this point I'm starting to get excited for school starting next Tuesday!

This summer wasn't the greatest for me; actually I'm getting really excited for cold and rainy weather soon. Also, my birthday is during cold and rainy weather!

Also, before anyone has to ask, the panda screenshot above is from a cute anime called Shirokuma Café, or Polar Bear cafe in english. You can watch it for free on Crunchyroll (with a few ads unless you have an account, but it's all okay.) safely and virus-free. It's about a world where animals and people have the same responsibilities and it's VERY cute.

Back to summer. It was a little too... I won't say busy, but it wasn't as lazy as I had wanted it to be. I wanted more time to blog and play AJ, but as you already know from the inconsistency in posting, most of it wasn't just me being forgetful or sleepy, it was a bunch of trips, indoor and outdoor classes, but I barely saw my friends. I'm talking about my real life friends, or course, but I'm also talking about you; my AJ buddies and commenters. 

I'm especially unhappy about not being able to talk to catlover25 much this summer. No, not much at all– I didn't even say a single word to her that wasn't Jam a Gram! Speaking of which, she sent me a Jam a Gram a few days ago so that means she's back from being "not online for over 30 days." 

Well, summer IRL was pretty disappointing– not BAD, but I didn't get to do much of what I wanted. I won't completely disregard the good things, though!

But what about summer on AJ? 

How was yours? Any memorable trades or friendships you made?
This summer after two years of playing I got my first rare cream worn, or my first rare worn. I also started liking blogging again, more than I did before! 

There have been some changes during this summer, many that the majority did not like. But here's something: remember a while ago they said they would renovate Club Geoz for a second time and nothing happened? That was because no one wanted that. That or a glitch.

Those who aren't really anywhere close to summer where they live are probably confused about this post, sorry! XD

Well, summer may be coming to an end– oh great. I just heard a cicada. They had the WHOLE three months to show their insect faces and only now, only now when school is just a few days away they come out.

Summer may be coming to an end for all y'all in the Northern Hemisphere, but let's not hold onto the past. There are tons of great things coming up in colder weather, too!

And before I go, here is a quick nonmember clothing idea for you to steal:

Purple worn, purple lei, purple eyes. B)

See you in Jamaa!


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  1. I guess my summer didn't meet my expectations, but I did finally get a Google+ account! I also spent time with my favourite cousin and kinda found new hobbies in Jamaa. I'm glad that I can be in school again, though. Also: my friends already want me to watch Hetalia and Fruits Basket, so I have a lot of anime-catching-up to do XD
    ~Keep calm and Jam on! -jhana


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