Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiki Table

Hey animals! The new item of today is part of the ongoing Tiki Furniture theme, sold for all to buy in Jam Mart Furniture.

It goes well with the tiki chair, but it can't really hold anything centered. It makes a good staple item for nonmember den cafes, right?

Next up, theres a new video in Brady Barr's Zios theater. Go with your buddies to learn about why cats have such rough tongues!

Is this new information? Cats do indeed have rough tongues, in fact very, very spiky rough tongues, as evident by this up-close image:

Their tongues are like the rough side of a sponge. Thats why a cat licking their paws counts as washing them while a human licking their hands (ew) is just weird.

Now for some blog-related news. Once I get the time to (this weekend hopefully) I will update AJ Stream with the following...

1. Answer your "Ask Doomy" questions.
2. Choose and post the August featured Buddy of the Month.
3. Update my AJ plushie adventure blog, Berry The Koala.
4. Post your recently commented blog names up to the "more blogs" tab.

I obviously can't get that done in one day, but I will try to get as much done as I can all the time I have available.

Wow, just now I realized I've been working more diligently on a gaming blog this summer than on my summer homework. In fact, I never even started. :S

Thats it for now,
see you in Jamaa!

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