Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BOTM + Irritating New Item + Glitch

Hey Jammers! This is going to be a long post, so I hope you have time to read! 

After exhaustedly looking through every freaking shop in every land of Jamaa, I turned to other blogs to help me. Yes, there is a new item today, and of course it's in that cursed Eagle-only shop.

It contains a whole load of sports equipment! But I guess only monkeys or pandas can really use the stuff. They're the only animals on AJ I believe have thumbs! (IRL, pandas DO have thumbs! The more you know.)

I'm seriously sorry for waiting til the VERY LAST DAY to post the Buddy of the Month. And yes, later today I will update Berry the Koala! I don't have a typed draft yet, actually– I write everything on the spot. But this time.. THIS time, I  give my word that the day won't pass with Berry going un updated.

So here we go, the Buddy of the Month! *deep breath*

Start clapping for...


Also known as WaterGazelles, Balaur is a relatively new friend of mine. I added her a while ago and we haven't stopped talking since! She's kind, outspoken, and really fun to be around! 

Thanks for being my friend, Balaur!

For more information on Buddy of the Month, go to the BOTM page in the tabs!

And now a notice regarding my Buddy List: it's becoming too full. I'm sorry to say this, but for a while I will not be accepting random buddy requests. I'll accept if I see you, of course, but not a random Jam a Gram request. Sorry!

In other news, I've discovered a weird glitch with the maps while navigating to the new item:

This needs some information to go along with it: I'm in Epic Wonders. I click the button to the far right, and I'm still in Epic Wonders. I click the button that says "you" and STILL I'm in Epic Wonders. AJHQ hasn't weeded out all of the glitches, I see.

AJHQ has weeded out a lot of things that made AJ what it was. It weeded out absolute free chat's complete availability, it weeded out the animal facts that were once evenly spread through the lands– and it even took away things that didn't need to be taken away from nonmembers.

Some people say AJ isn't what it used to be. Some think AJ is improving. Some just don't care. 

Overall, it's safe to say that AJ is improving. There are more things to do, more places to see, and more eyes to see them with. Although, whether AJHQ is getting better or worse is up for debate. Money-wise, they're improving. Audience-wise, they're expanding. AJ used to be that secret paradise, and now I walked pass a girl in the library playing Pest Control.

But what makes a game really good? What are the factors? Are they listening to what the audience has to say, or are they relying on their own imagination for everything? Are they forcing learning and education, or letting everything go bye easily with learning being a choice? It's all up to opinion.

I'm curious about you. What do you think makes a great game? What are the building blocks for the widespread success that AJ got? 

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. thx for telling me about pandas! :)


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