Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 5th-or-something Birthday!

Hey jammers! I swear, the next time I miss out on posting all of you will be gone. How can you stick around through all of this absence?? To all of my tough-clinging barnacles over there, thank you. Thanks for reading, commenting, and following. :)

From what I'm hearing, the update is tomorrow and it's a special one–

because it's Animal Jam's birthday!

It's been a great four or five years (I forget?) of Animal Jam being on the internet, and its been a great (almost) three years of my time on Animal Jam! It certainly isn't the same as it used to be– not as honest or special, but if I didn't love this game and the friendships I've made with all my heart, would I still be blogging today and plan to continue far into high school with this? 

While I'd give almost anything to go back to my first few months on AJ when I had all the freedom and happiness in the world, I'd give anything to keep blogging with you forever. Your comments make me so happy!

What I loved about Animal Jam was that it was a real world. Not literally, but it felt like a developed world with some sort of history. I have emotional connection to the hours I used to spend just playing Phantom's Treasure (or whatever that was called), staying up too late with my dolphin in Bahari Bay after everyone went offline, my first den– regardless of how depressing this sounds, it's true! No matter how bad I felt, I always had an ideal world of animal friends to come back to. 

As I'm always saying, Animal Jam was the game I'd always dreamed of. Club Penguin had nothing on it and never will again. 
*cough*thanks disney*cough*

I'm always making long boring posts about how much I love AJ. Even when it's not a particularly special day, I'm constantly overjoyed to be blogging with you as DoomyPanda.

That's all for now,
and as always...

Jam on!



  1. Everything you wrote: SO TRUE! :D

  2. i share a bday with aj!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ!!!!!!! OMG PET SUGAR GlideRS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!! It was 4 years

  4. I love your blog I just don't comment a lot

  5. same Elizabeth

  6. Awww, Doomy! I was always be your tough-clinging blog-barnacle :3
    Keep calm and Jam On! ~jhana


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