Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Leaves are Red

Hey Jammers! At least in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, Fall is falling down upon us in the form of cool weather, tree nuts, and a wide array of amazingly colored yellow, orange, red, and burgundy leaves. To celebrate the fall of Fall, the new item:

It's the same leaf pile from last year, except with the addition of a steel rake. Did you know that to produce these colors, trees go under a lot of stress? The deepest richest reds are produced with the most pressure on the tree to preserve them.

Next up, a notable post from the Daily Explorer:

Keep a lookout on AJ's official blog to hear about the diamond challenges!

But as much as AJHQ would like to think that diamonds are a great addition, in reality they're not really catching on as something people like. Maybe many animals crowd up the Diamond Shop every day, but really, that's not going to take away the fact that these items are not rare in the least. They're just akin to regular shop-bought items now, regardless of how hard it is to get diamonds. They're up there, but they're not rare.

I don't trade much, I don't have many rare items– but despite the frivolousness of them, they were always a major part of AJ. Definitely not the biggest part, but all the diamond shop does is take away from a big part of AJ, and that's never good.

Ideally, here are some things that I think would really improve Animal Jam and build upon it's main factors:

1. AJHQ being honest about Rare Item Mondays and never actually rereleasing them again.

2. A portion of the Jamaalidays where nonmembers can do things like go on member adventures, buy member animals, and change item colors.

3. Releasing word of a new animal only maybe once every six months or so at least. This will induce more hype about them than if they continue being put out almost every update.

4. Typed Jam-a-Grams finally going out of "member only testing"

5. Maybe open up the diamond shop for only a limited time, like seasonally– or just outright closing it down to undo the damage once and for all.

6. The pet wash has literally no reason to be member's only anymore.

7. There is ALSO no reason for the nature facts to have ever left. I'm pretty sure AJHQ has enough money to bring them back to make the game more educational, at least.

I keep talking about this, but feel free to add on to this list and at some point I will write an email to AJHQ about this.

 And yes, it will probably work. Back in 2012 my friend emailed them about my idea for a Conservation Center, and look now: a conservation center.

That's all I have for today, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

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  1. Great ideas, and I perfectly agree with them! New diamond shop items and animals are appearing WAY too frequently ):T


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