Sunday, October 12, 2014

A New Challenge for AJ Bloggers

Hey Jammers! I have some good news for you and this blog: I will not be having to skip posting because of computer issues probably ever again! Everything has been fixed, so really the only reason I won't post for a day is because of timing. 

Anyway, today's new item is sold in the Outback Imports.

Now THIS is a spooky item. The legs on it are the absolute SPOOKIEST. Poised and on the EDGE of threateningly skittering away. But with the so-called spooky rug, it could at most just inchworm it's way maybe ten feet before exhausting it's ghost possessed self. This is definitely spookier.

In other news, I've been posting about everyday with the new item. I never thought something new on Animal Jam would change the basic frame of my and every other AJ blogger's posts...

But something has happened.

AJHQ is now posting about the daily item.

This isn't universally a bad thing. "Yay! AJHQ is slowly making D.E. posts more informative!" could be an understandable response. 

But what would this mean for the player-run blogs?

I don't read the Daily Explorer often. Most players don't either; only checking infrequently to see Diamond Challenges or contests. But if this post wasn't just a one-time-only thing, and the alphas will continue talking about new items daily– then what's a non-official blog to that?

But Jammers won't go flocking to the D.E., that's for sure. Why? So much goes on every day. So many new things discovered, and almost all of it is met by silence from AJHQ. For good reasons, one being THEY'RE SO BUSY! It's hard to maintain such a massive game as Animal Jam. 

So AJ leaves a lot of things out, that's for sure. And those things, like glitches, new trade request layouts, and outfit ideas are commonplace on player-run blogs.

But the official blog has the farthest reach on AJ. It's linked on every page, every Jamaa Journal– and AJHQ is in the process of recognizing that. At some point, the Daily Explorer could have each post overflowing with new things big and small. There would literally be no need for the ever-loved player blogs, would there?

No. They could drop in popularity, but they would still be going reasonably strong. It's fun to idolize players, as shown by the way Jammers talk about "famous people" on AJ. It's fun to idolize players with the same views as you, made evident by long opinionated blog posts. AJHQ's blog is clean and organized; free of unnecessary opinion. Kids with a popular YouTube, blog, or any other form of media related to AJ can be considered "famous." 

Player-run AJ blogs fleshes out Jamaa for others more than a D.E. post ever could.

And before I go, here is some Jamaa street fashion:

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– Doomy

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