Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm

Hey Jammers! After obsessive tea drinking and lots of sleep, I've finally gotten over the worst of my cold and now I'm ready to share the update news with you! This update is one of the usual biweekly ones– nothing particularly special here. 

But don't trust me on this! At this point, pointing out the special from the boring with AJ updates for me is like trying to find a polar bear in a snow storm...
It honestly feels like every update the Jamaa Journal cover features an old pet that is now being sold in the Diamond Shop. You know, AJHQ, we aren't THAT wild about diamonds... 

100 more den items!!! For members only, of course. 

Yes, THREE MORE WEEKS! Be sure to to celebrate the last days of the Night of the Phantoms with your buddies! Also, panda, that's a wizard hat. Wizards don't fly with brooms. No wonder you got kicked out of the magic academy...

I think we can all guess what manner of animal will be sticking it's snout in Jamaa soon. Let's just hope they don't go after the seals... :S

And a Night of the Phantoms tradition has surfaced as always right before the end of the festival: trick-or-treating!

I wonder who runs the shops in Jamaa. No one seems to be there... or are they? 

If you want a full guide to each candy hotspot in Jamaa, click here! It's a little outdated, but the candies are relatively close to where they were back in 2012. 

And I almost forgot! The new items.

Finally, after all these years... A nonmember item! And a cute one at that. I love the candy bowl! :D

That's all for now, have a great Night of the Phantoms!

– DoomyPanda

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  1. Too true, it seems like everyone is too busy chasing for the items they want instead of hanging out with their friends and other Jammers. I miss it when Jammers had parties and stuff at Club Geoz and their dens and people actually came.
    ~Creature Spiritchamp


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