Friday, October 31, 2014

Strange Bow and Arrow Coloration

Hey Jammers! Second post of Halloween. I was in the Township looking for nerd glasses when I saw...


I've never seen this coloration before! Either it's a secret glitch color, or I'm just being ignorant to a new release of Bow and Arrows.

The owner's user is this:

Just in case you want to see for yourself.

EDIT: I checked the Animal Jam wiki, and apparently they're called Neon Bows! They're rather uncommon, apparently. I'm guessing you get one in adventures!

But "Neon Bow" sounds kind of clunky... what about "Moon Bow" or "Mira Bow"? Those names seem more fitting. It isn't exactly neon, after all.


How much do you think they're worth? Comment below!

– Doomy


  1. I have actually found those types of bow and arrows a lot. I don't know what they're worth!

  2. this is wut they worth :Rare Long Spike Wristband
    Rare Party Hat (certain colours like red or white)
    Red Brick Walls
    Mira Statue

    BTw i have 1 my username? : Legendairycrystal Youtube? : Legendairycrystal aj
    Spaceship Walls
    Mechanical Angel Helmets (certain colours like blue or black)


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