Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Mysterious Brown Panda

Hey Jammers! There's so much to report today, I'm not even sure if it will all fit! First off, the new item sold in Jam Mart Clothing:

Hmm, very spooky. Yes. Speaking of bats, I have a slight idea of what the "mystery animal" is...

May or may not have fur... Bats have fur some places, but not all over. It's a guess! Or maybe is it a... bird, or... reptile? Like a crocodile? I really hope that if it is a supposed "new" animal that it doesn't come out. There are too many new animals! Why doesn't AJ put that effort into doing, you know, things like Alpha Sightings?

So far, an alpha has been spotted only once EVER in Jamaa. A test, maybe? But it was so long ago! They should at least do something.

I'm always complaining about AJHQ, I know. I know it's annoying, but I guess voicing opinions is the 1st step towards change, right?

Next up, some interesting things spotted in the new panda mini book...

First of all, it's adorable. I was really attached to that other mini book, though. If you click the screenshot here to enlarge it, you'll see that there's a "DISCOVERY BADGE" thing. You don't have to do anything on screen to earn it. There are real-life activities listed that once you complete, you click the colored badge. Of course, you can always lie, but there's no real fun in that.

FUN FACT: You've heard of giant pandas and red pandas, but have you heard about the Brown Panda?

There's only one known in existence, and his name is Qizai, pictured above in this gif. He was born brown, and no one knows why.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

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  1. What if the brown panda is like the golden zebra...? It was born like that as some sort of disorder..... Though I believe there is a couple more than one golden zebra.....


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