Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Phantoms Need to CHILL

Hey Jammers! I'm not sure if this update is early or regular, because... wasn't last week the update? It's biweekly and pretty predictable. Once every other Thursday!

Early or regular, here is the strangely vandalized new Jamaa Journal:

Update Summary: 

• Spooky costumes are soon going to terrify Jamaa's shops. As terrified as an inanimate room can be, at least.

• THE SPOOKY PARTY IS BACK! I REPEAT, THE SPOOKY PARTY IS BACK! (not to be confused with the Haunted Forest Party)

• With the Spooky Party's return, the pet bats are back as well in their– at this point –not so secret hiding place.

• You can now officially buy an AJ soundtrack on iTunes and Amazon, featuring the timeless and repetitive "GECKOS!" song. Drive your friends to the brink of insanity online and offline!

• Cheetahs are becoming endangered on October 23rd! Morph into a cheetah today!

• Watch the latest Sketch Jam video in the Art Studio!

Oh, and the double gems game of this update is one of my absolute favorites, Long Shot:

 Long Shot was actually the first game I ever played on AJ. I directly went to Coral Canyons and played it, getting over 20,000 on my first try. *proud*

But why in The Phantom Realm would Jamaa's so-called "second worst enemy" (the first most powerful enemy is Club Penguin) take the time to irritatingly vandalize every single Jamaa Journal for no discernible reward?

If Mira's Tears did merge and create the phantoms, those must have been the tears of a TEMPER TANTRUM. Why else would the phantoms hoard candy and have their egos hurt when its taken back?

Well, that brings us to the question: if the phantoms did have a hurt ego and feel the need to write "phantoms are the best!" on every freaking Jamaa Journal, wouldn't that mean they have feelings? Or were they a hive mind controlled by some ultra petty phantom king who actually does have feelings?

Or are they just sad little squishy octopuses? You be the judge.

On another note, speaking of octopuses, here's something to think about: Octopi don't actually have eight legs. While they do have eight appendages, only two in the back act as legs; propulsion. The other six are technically arms, used to reach things.

The only reason why the name hasn't been changed is because it's grown too popular and it would be pointless at this time to change it.

That's all for now, Jammers,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. Octopi are my absolute FAVORITE animal! I love 'em so much! *Squishes cheeks*

    Plus, I do believe Phantoms have feelings. I think that all living animals, cold blooded or warm blooded, have feelings. They just can't express their feelings in a way that we can understand them.

    Also, the fact that the Phantoms are born from hatred and sorrow and they (presumably) only feel that emotion reminds me of the Daleks from Doctor Who. Since all the Daleks naturally want to hurt everyone, maybe the only GOOD phantoms are the ones that have a sort of glitch, or a defect, kinda like a few Daleks do.


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