Monday, November 3, 2014

Emotes in Chat Bubbles?

Hey Jammers! I'm so glad that I've been able to post every single day for this long! I've realized that regardless of how each day goes, since I don't have many things after school this year I can always fit in a time to post something interesting! :D

Let's wish AJ Stream a long and prosperous reign. *raises glass full of gatorade* *chugs it* YEEE

Anyway, today is Monday, so the new item is supposedly a special one! Let's see what you think...

Mmm... Not really digging it. But then again, I really don't like any Rare Item Mondays, especially if they're members on–

Oh right! I'm a member... Yeah...

You know something else I'm not really liking? It's something weird: being a member. I don't really like how everything is just there for you. I don't know... I'm just happy that my month will soon be over.

Speaking of my month, November 26 is my birthday! :D

But moving on, I've got something even more exciting to show you...


...Maybe. There was sort of a test like in the screenshot above a few years ago that everyone went crazy about. They thought something big was coming... And really, it wasn't. What do you think?

But this could be likely. AJHQ could have gotten the idea to introduce this from the fact that you can put emotes in your comments on the Daily Explorer.

Even at this point, everything is still up for debate...

Also, do you like the text in my posts centered or to the side like this? I'm really curious. 

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