Thursday, December 18, 2014

So Many Nonmember Items!

Hey Jammers! DoomyPanda here, with AJ's biweekly update news. The Jamaa Journal may be a little bare, but if you look into the shops you'll see that AJHQ has totally pummeled us with new items– many of which are for everyone!

But before that, let's flip through the pages of the Jamaa Journal:

It feels like 2014 went by faster than you could say "two thousand fourteen." It feels like I just saw the invitation to the 2014 new years party yesterday, and now it's 2015. It's amazing how far Animal Jam has come! 

I'm pretty sure that at this rate Animal Jam will reach the ranks and immortality of Club Penguin– which turns 10 years old in January.

And now the new items. *deep breath*

I have to go now, happy jamaalidays!


  1. Wow! Awesome new layout! I almost thought I went to the wrong blog.

  2. Darn, I always end up forgetting to check in Treetop Gardens! Those carnations are very beautiful. It's a shame that all the hedges are for members, but I'm glad for the plethora of NM items (now we just need a legit tree to hang those ornaments on and we're all set!).


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