Friday, January 16, 2015

Disappearing Item MADNESS

Hey Jammers! Today we're gonna talk about (or rather I'm going to type about) some clearance items, some items that disappeared without a trace, and a few clarifications about an unreleased item that's popping up everywhere in Jamaa. 

But of course before that, we have to get to the new item first!

I wonder what will come next in this outer space lighting series. Maybe planet-specific lamps? A jupiter lamp would be really cool but at the same time... really weird, too. Anyways...

I don't normally post about clearance items. I used to have a page on the top of my blog that updated with clearance items, but I er, gave up on it a while ago. ^^;

But because I'm lazy, I normally update on just the clearance items that I like. It makes it easier, and the items I like tend to be the items that are popular, so it all works out...?

I have some personal connection to the fruit bowl. Yep. I love fruit. But really, this was the first item I ever really wanted on AJ. It was my dream item!! For about a day because I had no idea it wasn't rare– I kind of just thought that I would KNOW when items were rare and fruit bowls? Definitely rare. They were colorful and animated! So anyway, I still have my very first fruit bowl at the back of my inventory. :)

Speaking of clearance items, have any of you ever looked through the Jam Mart catalogs and found a seemingly "classic" item is missing? It went on clearance for reasons unknown, no one noticed, and has since vanished from the face of the Earth? 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, look through Jam Mart Furniture. Try to find a rectangular coffee table. I'll give you $100 if you can find it. 

Around the Jamaalidays I wanted one of these to put the hot cocoa set. I scanned Jam Mart at least three times and couldn't find it at all– a very kind friend traded her's to me. I don't know if the rectangular coffee table will ever come back... let's hope it does. Same goes to the wooden toy box!

Moving on, have any of you seen... say, something that doesn't belong on AJ? Something that doesn't go right with all the nature, something too bright colored and seemingly pointless? 

You know, in a game without need for cars, we'd certainly never need a traffic cone. Yet here one is, clear as day in an arctic wolf's trade list.

This is listed as unreleased on the AJ Wiki. And by now we all probably know that the only way someone could get their paws on an unreleased item is through the adventures, such as the Forgotten Desert. We all remember the horse coins, right? No? Ok.

But the reason why I'm telling y'all about this is because some people have been spreading well, some pretty hefty rumors about this piece of out-of-place road equipment. Some say it's beta, some say it's a glitch (which it could be, but not the type of glitch that would make it valuable)... Whichever justification you hear for you to give up your Cami's frog, it's most certainly wrong. Here's why...

If you have any idea what an item from beta testing looks like, you won't even have to look twice to know that traffic cones came out recently. Beta items are mostly muted colors, never animated or interactive, and kind of "rough" looking. Traffic cones are animated– incredible well-animated, too. And if they were beta, why did they only just pop up recently?

And before I go, I just wanted to ask you a little unrelated question to be answered in the comments: How do you pronounce Sarepia Forest? 

I used to pronounce it sa-RAY-pi-a but now I say it as sa-rep-ya. What about you? What do you think is the correct pronunciation?

That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I pronouce it suh-RAY-pee-ah forest.

  2. I've actually seen that traffic cone quite a few times, at least five or six. I thought they belonged to the Jamaa Derby game, but now I realize that I haven't seen them in stores at all. So... yeah, I've tried to trade some betas for one but they're always declined. I don't think I'll trade for one soon. Thanks for the insight, Doomy! (And I pronounce it sah-RAY-pee-uh)


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