Friday, January 23, 2015

Nonmember Arctic Wolf + Other Recent Glitches!

Hey Jammers! The daily items are sold in Jam Mart Furniture... behind yesterdays...?

This makes it all the more difficult to find out which exactly are new. -_-"

It's probably just a mistake though. :\

Ok, everyone, sit down because I'm about to tell you a story. A short story that you won't find very entertaining, but definitely interesting.

So I was in Aldan, looking for someone who would actually trade fairly for a neon bow. My computer was getting slower, but it didn't actually shut down– thank goodness! I am thanking goodness because if my computer had shut down, these cool screenshots I took of a nonmember arctic wolf would be lost forever!

I'm not going to spread around their username because I don't want their mailbox to be spammed with Jam a Grams. 

But isn't it cool? My friend used to be a nonmember horse, but she either never told anyone how or she told me but I forgot. 

Next up in glitches, a few rather annoying ones plagued me last night while I was trading items from my storage account over to my main account:

Here is my player card greyed out, even though I... log on... regularly...?

And here is a screenshot of DoomyPanda in Jam Mart Clothing on the server Congo, and a screenshot of my very old storage user in Jam Mart Clothing on the server Congo. While this "glitch" could be really easy to fake, I assure you that these screenshots were taken at the same time.

Now here's a little background: To trade items from my storage, I play as DoomyPanda in Safari and my storage in Firefox. This way I can have the two users interact together as if they were on another computer.

And I put "glitch" in quotation marks because I'm not sure if it's a glitch or if it shows that there are different levels to each server– like servers within servers. What do you think?

And this screenshot pretty much speaks for itself. As you can see, Toygho is my buddy but I can't follow them to their den because I'm not actually their buddy, apparently?

Wow, AJ can get a little exhausting with all these glitches. 

That's all for now,
see you in Jamaa!

– DoomyPanda


  1. I've seen lots of non member arctics. Foxes are more common, though. Look em' up on the interwebs sometime.

  2. I see a bunch of them at one time. And they said WE HAVE RETURNED! I was on my alex81919 aj but you can't find it anymore. I quit. And I said.. OMG how in the world are you doing that! They didn't answer. I said OH NVM... I began journeying on to Kimbara.

  3. how do they do it?!

  4. how do you become a non member arctic wolf with out needing memebers? :(( please im non members i really really REALLY want to be a arctic wolf!

  5. The last glitch is because it says they are in their den but they are not. Really, they are in someones den that is locked. So the real glitch is it saying the wrong location on their player card.

  6. So, to become a nonmember member animal you must have a membership. when its on its last days delete all your nonmember animals.Then, when you run out it will have you select too animals to play as (In this case member animals) you select the too member animals you want to play as and vola A NON MEMBER MEMBER Animal!!! ENJOY ~ Unicornponygirl

    1. Actually, It goes like this:
      Get a membership. Turn to the member animal you want to be before the membership runs out. When you log in the time it urns out, keep clicking 'next' until it shows you to the 'switch animals' menu. Then, log out at the top right of Aj's play screen. Log back in.
      If AJ forces you to make a nonmember animal, it might be because you have to fill up your slots. i'm taking the risk to not fill them up, because they might be wrong. Anyway, if this glitch WORKED, please jag me saying 'Be safe!' and i'll appreciate that
      my username is firehorseaj

  7. can you show how to be a non member can be cool?


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